We are sorry that the datasheet for 3310IR01
            is the ONLY document for our volume controllers written in English now.
           3310IR01 is the International Rectifier version of 3310S06S (or 3310A13S)

                        TACHYONIX3310IR01iMUTE to +15dBj
                                for details, Please refer Japanese datasheet.

                     We also have

                       for CS3310/PGA2310/2311/2320/4311
                        3310S06M(Mute and -60dB to +3dB, with mute controler)
                        3310S12M(Mute and -95.5dB to +31.5dB,with mute controler)
                        3310A13S(MUTE to +13dB, with daisy chain mode)
                        3310A13M(MUTE to +13dB, with mute controler)

                       for MAS6116
                        6116S06M(Mute and -60dB to +3dB, with mute controler)
                        6116S12M(Mute and -111.5dB to +15.5dB, with mute controler)
                        6116A13M(MUTE to +13dB, with mute controler)

                       You can download Japanese datasheets here.
                       Application schematics are mostly written in English.

                       Sample price is 8.00USD/unit for international customers.
                       Volume discount available.
                       Shipping fee is 8.00USD/order for most of the world.
                       (By registered air mail. Approx 10days to the U.S. Tax not included)

                       As these controllers are mainly applied for prototypes
                        or small lot production,
                       We are sorry that we can NOT offer any free samples
                        for new customers.

                       We accept major creditcard payment via Paypal

                       Please ask for details.
                       We are sorry that we don't have any fluent english speaking staffs.
                       But, we try to reply as soon as possible.
                       If you won't receive any reply for more than a week,
                       It might be a trouble of firewall.
                       Please FAX to +81-52-441-0804.


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